The department was established in 1983, as the first Fine Arts Department in South and Central Taiwan and President Mei Ko-wang hired Chiang Hsun , a respected artist and writer, as chair. Tunghai’s humanistic spirit makes this an excellent place to nourish young talent. The department established a graduate program in 1995, and a part-time graduate program for working artists in 2003. Over the past thirty years, the department has focused both on education and a multi-faceted curriculum to encourage a deeper understanding of contemporary art and culture. The curriculum was revised and enlarged in 2006 to provide even greater professional opportunities for its graduates. This allows for education in both traditional art forms and new directions in the field. The emphasis on training art administrators and curators is an important aspect of the curriculum, and fits the rapid development of a new era in art. In the near future the College of Fine Arts and Creative Design will provide a better environment for students, teachers, and other related departments, and facilitate interdisciplinary study and research. This will fit students into the world of the future.