Future Development

In addition to careers in Fine Art, many of our graduates go on to become highly successful in other fields, thanks to the Department’s holistic curriculum of humanistic education.  Our alumni have made names for themselves in the fields of art, art education, publishing, mass media communications, industrial design, and curating.  Taiwan’s art is becoming increasingly international and multi-faceted, and the trend toward creative arts and crafts for living is growing.  This, and the never-ending issues of the environment, means that the need for interdisciplinary talent is crucial.  Following the Tunghai tradition of humanistic art, the establishment of the new College of Fine Arts and Creative Design will continue a wide range of international and domestic inter-university activities, and provide more opportunities for students to learn and develop their potential.  Students will be exposed to literature, theater, folk arts, music, philosophy, and social studies.  These experiences will enlighten and awaken students to the wonders of the world.