Since the department’s establishment, a multi-faceted learning environment, ample professional training, and up-to-date information have provided students with a free and open learning spirit. As students steadily build their basic foundations and skills, they concurrently learn fundamental courses in art theory, such as comparative aesthetics of the East and West, and art history. The subject matter of these two fields includes literature, film, music, drama, philosophy, history, psychology, and social studies. These broaden students’ aesthetic and humanistic senses. Students select their tracks, and are well taken care of in small classes. They are taught to organize exhibitions and other administrative tasks for their future development in the field of creative culture industry. The low student/teacher ratio creates a family atmosphere, and students are encouraged to create freely, and enhance their personal taste, while learning to accept the styles of others. This new college in Tunghai’s humanistic environment will transcend all departmental boundaries, and enhance the student/teacher interaction in the fields of Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Landscape, Architecture, and Music.